Traditional Gaelic Hip Hop Fusion

Griogair Labhruidh is a multi award winning Scottish Gaelic singer, poet/MC, piper and producer. He was born into a long line of indigenous Highland musicians on both sides of his family, including several of the most renowned composers in the piping tradition.

As an MC/Producer he follows in the tradition of conscious styled Hip Hop with influences like Gangstarr, J Dilla, Rakim, GZA, Pete Rock and Blackalicious. His rhymes are political and have their roots in an the ancient Gaelic spirituality of the pre-Christian, bardic traditions of the filidh/aos-dàna.

He is currently working on the first Scottish Gaelic Roots/Hip Hop fusion album producing all the beats and raps himself.

Griogair has worked with a range of legendary acts within the Scottish tradition ranging from Dàimh to Shooglenifty and is a member of the renowned world music fusion collective, Afro Celt Sound System. He also recently contributed to the highly popular tv series Outlander in a collaboration with the Grammy award winning composer Bear McReary.

'The future of Celtic music' ASHLEY MACISAAC

'Immaculate, 90s-styled boom bap production' THE NATIONAL

'It was like being struck by musical lightning with the rumbling thunder of a deep, angry passion for history and social justice to match.. ..the vanguard of new Gaelic music.' PIPING TODAY 

'The young musician to look out for in Gaelic and Highland music.. a real air of authority.' THE GLASGOW HERALD